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Internal Hardware, Inc.

11549 Brooklyn St.
Houston, TX 77093
Contact: Luis Rexach
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Phone: 281-227-2094, 281-216-6533
Fax:  281-227-0137

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Internal Hardware, Inc. supplies tower internal hardware to the refining and petrochemical industry. We have all the expertise and capabilities to provide any internal tray hardware in any material.

We are available 24/7 because we know time is money and downtime is critical for both planned and unplanned turnarounds. With solutions that will optimize the capacity and efficiency of your tower, we furnish hardware to repair trays and tower internals made by all tray manufacturers. This allows all serviceable hardware to be reused. Only the defective parts in an assembly would require replacement.

Internal Hardware, Inc. can minimize downtime and have professional installations completed by our partner company Tower Internal Tray Services, Inc. We are a cost effective alternative to similar tower hardware programs offered by other tower internal manufacturers. Our low overhead allows us to provide the same services with the same quality at a reduced price. We look forward to satisfy all your hardware needs for any projects you may have.

We carry: Extensive inventory, trays in any material, high performance trays, conventional trays, structured packing, metal random packing, plastic random packing, packed tower internals, best prices, consignment hardware trailer with expedited delivery, and many other products

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